Self Priming Centrifugal Pump - PAS Range

A Dry Prime pump. The unit comprises a solids handling centrifugal pump with a Superduo Separator which enables air to separated from the liquid and evacuated with a vacuum pump - making automatic priming possible. The pump is available with various mounting packages including - Block, Skid, Flexi-skid, Trailer and Crate types. An Acoustic Canopy is also available. Air cooled or liquid cooled engine variants.

Pump Model Connection Size Max Flow Max. head Solids Handling Max Engine speed Approx. Weight Datasheet Enquiry
PAS100MF-225 DN100 230m³/hr 58.5m 35mm 3000rpm 965kg Download our datasheet
PAS100MF-250 DN100 250m³/hr 36m 50mm 2000rpm 865kg Download our datasheet
PAS100MF-260 DN100 325m³/hr 42m 76mm 2000rpm 830kg Download our datasheet
PAS150MF-250 DN150 540m³/hr 37m 76mm 2000rpm 865kg Download our datasheet
PAS200MF-300 DN200 720m³/hr 31m 60mm 1800rpm 1210kg Download our datasheet
PAS200MF-305 DN200 630m³/hr 30m 76mm 1800rpm 1180kg Download our datasheet
PAS300MF-390 DN300 1130m³/hr 29.5m 76mm 1500rpm 1800kg Download our datasheet
PAS100HF-250 DN100 280m³/hr 51m 76mm 2200rpm 1180kg Download our datasheet
PAS150HF-300 DN150 520m³/hr 51m 76mm 2200rpm 1330kg Download our datasheet
PAS200HF-305 DN200 920m³/hr 50m 76mm 2200rpm 1500kg Download our datasheet

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