Self Priming Electric Driven Pumps

Self priming electric driven pumps are versatile, heavy duty pumps for a range of environments. Built to withstand the abrasive and corrosive action of waste water or other liquids carrying particles in suspension. Because the pump and driver are located above the liquid source, maintenance and inspection are easier and safer to carry out with this type of pump arrangement than with a comparable submersible pump configuration.

Please contact us with your application details.

We can supply a wide range of self priming pumps driven by electric motors suitable for many liquid handling applications such as :-

  • Solids handling
  • High Pressure
  • Wide range of flow rates
  • Pumping of viscous liquids
  • Solids size reduction (pumps fitted with cutting devices)
  • Various mounting configurations
  • Applications requiring specialist materials of construction
  • Applications required to handle large volumes of air

Some examples of  pump types. 


Self Priming Centrifugal pump for solids handling


Self Priming Diaphragm pump for medium viscous pumping

Internal Gear pump for viscous pumping



Please contact us with your application details.