Submersible Pumps

Having access to many major manufacturers and drawing on considerable experience, we will select the most technically appropriate submersible pump for your application. This contrasts with equipment sourced from a single manufacturer which can result in a compromised and less efficient pump system, due often to an incorrectly installed pump type.

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Various types of submersible pumps

Pumps are selected for reliability and ‘lowest whole life’ cost to suit each individual application.

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Available impeller types for submersible pump models include - Vortex, Channel, Semi open, Screw Centrifugal, Grinder and macerator type. Each impeller and pump type have distinct geometry and design features to suit the many differing types of liquid handling.

Various types of pump pieces

Mounting Types

  • Baseplate
  • Free standing
  • Permanently installed guiderail and pedestal arrangements.

WEDA Submersible Dewatering Pumps

small weda range

The WEDA small Submersible line is a range of dewatering submersible pumps up to 1.2 kw and flow rates from 1 – 325 l/min

To view our WEDA small Submersible line, click here.

medium weda range

The WEDA medium to large Submersible line is a complete range of dewatering submersible pumps up to 54kw and flow rates from 250 – 16,500 l/min

To view our WEDA medium to large Submersible line, click here.

High Pressure Domestic Sewage Pumps

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Where individual properties or small developments have to pump long distances or overcome a high static head, these pumps have delivery pressures up to 16 bar. By using these pump products together with small pipe cross-sections, the total cost of drainage systems can be significantly reduced.

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With an Econex® pump, you can pump up to a pressure of 12 bar at a volumetric flow rate of 0.6 l/s with only 1.8 kW installed motor power. Sewage can be transported through straight lengths of line (40mm diameter) of up to 4500 m length. The pumps can be installed horizontally or vertically.

With an Ecocut® pump (2-stage) which has a special hardened steel grinding unit, domestic sewage can be transported through a 40 or 50mm line with a straight length of up to 1400 m.

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