About PumpSets

Our History

PumpSets Ltd have proudly been building and supplying pump sets for a variety of industries for many years including equipment for emergency aid purposes.

The origins of PumpSets Ltd can be traced back to the 1930’s and the Atalanta Motor and subsequent Atalanta Engineering company.

Our current range of ‘Emergency Aid’ pumps are stocked and marketed through our associate company - Butyl Products Limited’.

All our pumps and ranges are continuously updated to meet the changing needs of our varied customers and their industries.

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Our Customers

With our considerable experience across many industries, our objective at PumpSets Ltd is to select and source the best possible equipment for your application. Whether you require a surface mounted pump, submersible pump, a booster set or a process pump to pump liquids ranging from clean water to a viscous agricultural slurry, we can advise and supply you with the right pump for the job. We will offer the best possible advice to ensure that you have the right pumping solution at a competitive capital equipment price and which will also provide you with the lowest total ongoing ownership cost in terms of both energy and pump maintenance.

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