Sunbird Solar Pump site demonstration kit

September 30, 2018

Sunbird Solar Pumps

Sunbird Solar Pumps by Pumpsets are a solar powered water pump and available for demonstration at either your or our site, just call us to arrange and we'll work out the logistics. The demonstration kit shows the simplicity of the set up of a pump system that can be powered either with solar panel modules or an AC generator/mains supply selected by a simple switch box.


Sunbird solar powered pump kit

Common uses include :-

  • Potable water transfer
  • Irrigation
  • Water feed to livestock

Benefits of the 'Sunbird' pump package include :

Pump -  The pump motor has a built in inverter and electronics to avoid the requirement for shielded cables and output filters and the need for use of additional level control probes. Pump output automatically varies according to irradiation levels when powered by solar energy.

Controls - By having electrical components integral to the pump and being below ground, issues associated with having solar inverters placed above ground and being exposed to weather are avoided such as :-

  • Overheating
  • Water infiltration
  • Thermal shock
  • Damage by animals or people

Auxillary Power - If solar energy is absent or insufficient, it is possible to power the pump with an auxiliary genset to achieve the desired pump performance. An AC/DC selector is used to change the power source complete with over voltage protection.


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