Pumpsets Ltd 'Sunbird' range of solar powered pumps

March 12, 2019

Solar Powered Pumps, The Sunbird Range by PumpSets. 

Pumpsets' supply various pump options that can be powered by solar energy.

Common applications include submersible borehole pumps and surface mounted water transfer pumps for irrigation and water supply.

In applications using photovoltaic panels - for various conditions of irradiation and temperature - the electric power obtained from the panels varies and thus the amount of water pumped.

Pump speed is adjusted in relation to solar irradiation via an inverter. When solar irradiation increases, the pump will run faster thus pumping more water. When solar irradiation decreases (clouds moving or different hours of the day) the pump will reduce its frequency and pump delivery output reduces - but pumping is continued until solar irradiation reaches the minimum value necessary for operation.

We can assist with your pump and system selection. Just let us know some basic information e.g. 

  • Desired daily water quantity.
  • Total head (static + dynamic).
  • Installation location.
  • Working period (seasonal or year).

From this we can size your pump system and the necessary number of photo voltaic panels required. Various pump control options are available as well as pump protection, level control and switch boxes to allow operation to be changed to an auxiliary AC power supply in times of low sunlight.

The video below shows a customer trialling a demonstration unit of our solar powered borehole pump kit in Dubai. The kit is then being shipped onto Uganda for a permanent installation. The stand out feature of this kit is that the inverter, dry run protection and level control are all integrated within the submersible pump motor which is situated below ground in the borehole. Thus avoiding the potential for damage and tampering of the equipment.




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