Pumpsets awarded Atlas Copco Distributorship

December 15, 2017

Pumpsets awarded Atlas Copco Distributorship

Pumpsets Ltd are proud to be nominated as the authorised distributor for the full range of Atlas Copco Dewatering Pumps for the Southern region of the U.K. The Atlas Copco dewatering pump ranges have been developed to provide a series of versatile, efficient and easy to move pumps that are suitable for many industries including construction, general dewatering, well point applications
and for emergency use.

Submersible pumps - WEDA and WEDA + ranges

The WEDA submersible line is a range of submersible pumps up to 54kw and flow rates from 250 – 16,500 l/min designed for dewatering applications across multiple industries.


Atlas Copco Weda pumps

Engine Driven pumps - VAR and PAS ranges

The wet prime VAR range of diesel engine driven pumps are great for general construction, dewatering and emergency drainage use. The pump available as an open set or with an acoustic canopy enclosure and with various skid and trailer mount options.
The PAS range is a dry prime set meaning that it is quick to prime, can handle large volumes of air and is highly efficient and ready to pump the moment the start button is pressed. This range of pumps is also available as an open set or with an acoustic canopy enclosure and with various skid and trailer mount options.

Atlas Copco Dewatering pump

 If you would like more information please contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced engineers.

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