Manufacturers of Diesel engine and Electric motor powered Self Priming Pumps.

Manufacturers of the Famous ATALANTA range of pumps
[first manufactured in the UK in 1945]

Manufacturers of custom built pumps

Suppliers of electric powered pumps, generators and ancillary equipment

Atlas Copco
Bespoke Pumps
PumpSets manufacture custom built pumps to meet individual customer's requirements. These can be Diesel engine or Electric motor driven for numerous types of process and industrial applications including irrigation, fuel transfer and fire protection.
Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Pumps
PumpSets standard range of versatile and robust Diesel powered self priming centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are the perfect solution for handling a wide range of fluid transfers such as fresh, potable and sea water [with or without solids] diesel fuel, trash, untreated sewage and sludges.
Electric Motor Driven Self Priming Pumps
PumpSets PRB range of electric motor driven self priming pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications handling both clean and solids laden liquids including sewage, sludge, waste and seawater.
Water Pumps for Emergency Aid
PumpSets range of specialist 'Aid' pumps are built to operate in the harshest and toughest environments. They have been developed, during over 20 years of working closely with Aid organisations, such as Oxfam, Care and the Red Cross.
Generators and other Pump ranges
PumpSets will source the most suitable product for a vast range of duties including wastewater, sewage, pressure boosting, borehole, irrigation, drainage and dewatering. We will also supply and service industrial diesel engines, generator sets and other ancillary equipment.
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