Electric Pumps, Diesel Engine Generator Sets & Ancillery Equipment Sales

The vast experience and expertise within Pumpsets Ltd enables us to offer both Sales and Service of Electric Pumps, Industrial diesel and petrol engines, Generator sets and Ancillary equipment.

Electric Powered Pumps

PumpSets are authorised suppliers for a number of major pump manufacturers and are able to select the most suitable pump for any application.

As an Authorised Supplier for a number of major pump manufacturers Pumpsets are able to use their vast experience to select and source the most cost effective pumping solution for any application:-

Pressure Booster Pumps and Sets
At Pumpsets we can provide standard and customised booster pumps and sets, with fixed or variable speed inverter control. These units are perfect for a variety of water supply installations including high rise buildings, farms, dairies, hospitals and offices, where the reliability of a pressured water supply is required. They are also ideal for garden irrigation, wash down and transfer applications.

Submersible Waste Water/Sewage Pumps
For the removal of domestic effluent through to major sewage pumping stations we offer non-blocking submersible pumps, the optimum reliable solution for the difficult applications. The pumps can be supplied as standalone units or as part of a ready rigged complete packaged pump station.

For groundwater supply, irrigation and pressure boosting we offer a wide range of energy efficient submersible borehole pumps which can be supplied to match any specific duty point.

Clean Water
For clean and potable water transfer duties, we offer a range of surface and submersible pumps. These pumps suit a variety of domestic and industrial applications including heating, aquaculture, swimming pools and fountains.

Positive Displacement
For the low shear transfer of viscose liquids and slurries we offer a selection of gear, vane and rotor/stator pumpsets, available in a wide variety of constructions and materials to suit the corrosive and abrasive applications found in the Industrial Process Industry.

Diesel Driven Self Priming Pumpsets
In addition to the standard Pumpsets range of Self Priming Pumps we are able to offer a complete range of Dry prime pumpsets, available with or without acoustic canopies, these units are ideal for duties such as well pointing, sewage overpumping and effluent transfer.

Diesel and Petrol Engines, Generator Sets and Ancillary Equipment

From our central location PumpSets Ltd are able to offer Sales and Service throughout Southern and South West England for the following products:

SDMO - Portable and standby generators, Petrol engine driven from 1 – 7.5 kVA, and diesel engine driven from 4 to 3000VA, Residential gas standby units up to 20 kVA Automatic mains failure, fully silenced and mobile units.
Lombardini – Air and water cooled diesel engines from 3.5 to 47 kW used in a wide variety of transport, agricultural and ground care equipment. Full service and spare parts support.
Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power – The world’s largest manufacturer of petrol engines, to fulfil almost every possible application required between 1 and 26 kW. Authorised service agent stocking both replacement engines and spare parts.
Butyl Products – Water storage tanks from 9,000 to 300,000 litres and liners for ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Whenever liquid containment is needed Butyl can supply and install the correct membrane. Free technical advice.
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