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Pumpsets Become An Authorised Supplier For The Torqueflow Sydex Progressive Cavity Pumps

"Pumpsets are pleased to announce their appointment as an authorised supplier for the Torqueflow Sydex range of Progressive Cavity Pumps. This extensive range of high quality, European manufactured units, offer selections for the full range of Progressive Cavity applications, across all industries, with sizes capable of flow rates can be up to 400m3/hr and heads up to 24bar.

The work horse of the range is the Torqueflow Sydex C031 pump with an integral macerator. These self priming pumps are suitable for suction lift applications where the hardened tool steel cutters of the Bi-Hammer Macerator unit shreds any solids into small particles before entering the pumping element. The macerated waste is then easily pumped away to its final destination.

These easily maintained robust pumps are capable of pumping 3.5m3/hr against heads of up to 6 bars. They are the ideal, accessible, surface mounted option to submersible pumps on above ground installations, for pumping sewage and waste products on residential, school, hotel, caravan parks, farms, abattoirs, etc."

23rd March 2010

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