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Pumpsets To Distribute Hidrostal Pumps

"PumpSets are pleased to announce their appointment as a Distributor for the sales of Hidrostal Pumps into the UK Industrial market

These well proven, versatile and energy efficient pumps are available as end suction or submersible units and as all incorporate the unique Screw Centrifugal Impeller, invented by Hidrostal, they are ideally suited for numerous applications, especially where one or more of the following inherent features are required:-

• Solids Handling for pumping solids laden liquids without blockages
• Viscose Pumping of thick and viscous liquids
• Delicate Handling for pumping delicate materials
• Low Shear Pumping of sensitive liquids

Having used and supplied Hidrostal pumps, for over 20 years, on Overseas Aid Relief applications, PumpSets are confident that with this new co-operation they will be able to offer a cost effective, working solution to many otherwise difficult pumping applications in the UK marketplace.

For more details of Hidrostal pumps or other units from the PumpSets Atalanta ranges please do not hesitate to contact us."

8th December 2010

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