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Betsy Pump Range Gets Bigger

"The \'Betsy\' range of diesel engine driven self priming pump sets, manufactured in Holland by Eekels Pompen in Holland and distributed in the UK by PumpSets Ltd, has been expanded to include higher head versions of both 4 and 6\"" sizes.
All \'Betsy\' pumps incorporate Hidrostal Screw Centifugal Impeller pump ends. The efficient non-clog characteristics of this impeller enables even the most rag laden sewage to be easily handled making Betsy the perfect emergency solution for \'Over-Pumping.
The high efficient of the Hidrostal impeller also reduces fuel consumption resulting in savings in fuel costs of at least 50% when compared to other pumps available in the market.
Available as skid or trailer mounted, Betsy is a truly versatile and universal self-priming pumping package
For more details please contact us at PumpSets Ltd or visit www.betsypumps.com"

2nd June 2011

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