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Vibro-Run Vibration Activated Hours Run Counter

"PumpSets new Vibro-Run digital hour\'s run counter offers a simple means of recording the operating hours of any machine.
Activated by the vibration generated, when the machine is running, the Vibro-Run requires no wiring or external power source
The Vibro-Run gives an accurate readout of the actual running hours thus allowing servicing and maintenance to be actioned at the correct intervals, rather that having to rely on inaccurate guestimates.
Easily fitted to any equipment the Vibro-Run will ensure that your expensive machinery can be kept in good working order, avoiding costly breakdowns.
Suitable for all types of engine driven pumps, generators, agricultural and horticultural machinery etc the Viro-Run is available for only 98.00 ex vat
For more details or to order your Virbo-Run please contact PumpSets:-"

31st October 2011

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