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WEDA and ATLAS COPCO PUMPS from PumpSets Ltd 23rd Nov 2017
WEDA and ATLAS COPCO PUMPS from PumpSets Ltd 6th September 2017
Victor S Range Electric Self Priming Pumps 30th March 2017
Pumps Southern Ltd 10 August 2016
110v Electric Powered Diaphragm Pumps 12 June 2016
Emergency Marine Fire Water Pumps 5 April 2016
Fuel Oil Bunkering Pumps 18 January 2016
Calpeda Water Pressure Boosting Sets 6 November 2015
Electric Motor Driven Self Priming Pumps November 2015
Diaphragm Pumps - Diesel Engine Driven 6 October 2015
PumpSets Ltd to distribute the Calpeda Pump range 7 July 2015
New Range of Internal Gear Pumps 21 April 2015
Self Priming Pumps 23 Feb 2015
Emergency Marine Fire Water pumps 01/01/15
Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Pump 9th July 2014
Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Diaphragm Pumps 29 May 2014
Hidrostal A2Q Pump Range 21 Feb 2014
Electric Driven Self Priming Pumps 10th Feb 2014
Self Priming Diaphragm Pumps Available 18th October 20
Electric Driven Self Priming Pumps 18th June 2013
Small Diesel Driven Pumps With Long Run Fuel Tanks 23rd April 2013
Electric Driven Diaphragm Pump 12th April 2013
Engine Driven Fuel Transfer Pumpsfor East Africa 21st February 2013
Hidrostal Pumps Supplied For Sewage Systems 24th January 2013
Low Level Suction Strainer For Flood Relief 1st January 2013
New Prb Range Of Electric Driven Self Priming Pump 22nd November 2012
Emergency Aerator 23th October 2012
Betsy Diesel Driven Pumps 21st September 2012
Hidrostal Pumps For Sewage Systems 14th September 2012
Electric Motor Driven Self Priming Pump Range 15th August 2012
New Hours Run Counter 27th January 2012
Hidrostal Pumps Available From Pumpsets 10th November 2011
Vibro-Run Vibration Activated Hours Run Counter 31st October 2011
New Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm Pump 31st August 2011
2'' Pelican Diaphram Pump Available 13th June 2011
Betsy Pump Range Gets Bigger 2nd June 2011
New Phone Number And Address From 1st April 30th March 2011
Betsy Diesel Driven Pump Range Expanded 17th March 2011
New Electric Motor Driven Self Priming Pump Range 14th February 2010
Pumpsets To Distribute Hidrostal Pumps 8th December 2010
Increased Range Of Engine Driven Diaphragm Pumps 5th November 2010
Betsy At Flood Risk Management 2010 28th September 2010
Pumpsets To Distribute Betsy Diesel Pumps 31st August 2010
New 2'' Petrol Driven Diaphragm Pump Now Available 19th July 2010
Pumpsets Introduce The New Contractor Pump Range 17th May 2010
Pumpsets Become An Authorised Supplier For The Torqueflow Sydex Progressive Cavity Pumps 23rd March 2010
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